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RIP, Shady Lea otter

otterPrior to the Open Studio weekend here, I used to often here and infrequently catch glimpses of an otter in the Mattatuxet River. On the second day of the big weekend, on my way in, I found a dead otter on the side of Route 4 South.

The otters of Shady Lea have been well documented. Check out these amazing pictures on Daily Kos by Roberto Bessin, a sculptor who works here at the Mill, with a great story by Mark Hall, who owns and operates Biomes, an aquarium that started here at the Mill.

Hall explains why this dammed river that is Shady Lea Pond is excellent otter habitat. “To other species the creation of these mill ponds was a boon, including perch, painted turtles and river otters”

The otter I found dead most likely lived on this pond too. The spot I saw an otter at is less than 400 yards from where I found one dead.

otter mapSo to celebrate the otter’s life, I gave his corpse to my friend who skins road kill for their fur.

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  1. Kevin
    March 31, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    Have seen many otter down at Gilbert Stuart Pond over the years. They cruise that corridor along the river up to the mill pond and right on up to Silver Lake. Must have been taking a shortcut. Too bad. Beautiful critter. I usually take them down to Charlie Brown at DEM Fish and Wildlife. He performs necropsy to see what has been in their diet. Have brought 2 fishers down to him this year.

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